10 Step-by-Step Hair Drawing Tutorials

When you start watching a new cartoon, how do you tell one character from another? Many rely on the appearance of the character's hair. You can learn how to draw hair for your different characters with the help of these easy, step-by-step hair drawing tutorials.

Hairstyles can say a lot about a person. They can be a reflection of their personality and culture. Some hairstyles are more commonly associated with one gender or another.

Below, you will learn how to draw many popular hairstyles, including braids, ponytails, pigtails, curly and straight hair, afros, and dreadlocks. Then, you can use these skills to create even more hairstyles for your drawings.

You can also learn to draw men's facial hair - mustaches and beards.

There is also a tutorial for a specific hair-drawing art style - Japanese anime and manga hair. For decades, spiky, unruly hairstyles have been a hallmark of many male anime characters.

Anime and manga heroes are also known for their wild, unnatural hair colors.

Once you've completed each tutorial, you can use colored pencils to shade the hair. Blonde, black, brunette, red, gray, salt and pepper, or an experimental hair dye - the choice is yours.

10 Easy Hair Drawing Ideas

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