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How to Draw a Snowflake

How to draw a Snowflake

Snowflakes form when ice crystals form around a speck of dust or other debris. As water freezes, it takes the shape of a crystal lattice, causing... Read more

How to Draw a Penguin

How to Draw a Penguin: Featured image

Penguins are birds that use use their wings to swim through the water rather than flying through the air. Penguins eat fish, which they catch with... Read more

How to Draw Santa Claus

How to Draw Santa Claus: Featured image

Santa Claus is a common sight in December throughout much of the world, adorning Coca Cola products, children's books, front yards, and more. Read more

How to Draw a Star

How to Draw a Star: Featured image

The five pointed star, has been used as a symbol throughout the world, spanning the millennia of human civilization and crossing cultural boundaries. Read more

How to Draw a Snowman

how to draw a snowman featured image

"Do you want to build a snowman? Come on, let's go and play!" - Anna, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" from Disney's Frozen... Read more