How to Draw Cupcake

how to draw a cupcake featured image

Cupcakes, often called fairy cakes or patty cakes in Britain or Australia, are small, sweet cakes designed to be eaten by just one person... Read more

How to Draw a Volcano

How to draw a volcano featured image

What is a volcano? Volcanoes form where cracks or ruptures are present in the earth's surface, or crust. Magma - molten, liquid rock... Read more

How to Draw a Brain

How to draw a brain featured image

The brain is like the body's computer. It has hardware and software, and it stores memories. The brain is much more powerful than any computer... Read more

How to Draw Clouds

How to draw clouds featured image

Clouds are made of billions and billions of tiny water droplets suspended in the earth's atmosphere. There are many different types of clouds... Read more

How to Draw a Snowflake

How to draw a Snowflake Featured Image

Snowflakes form when ice crystals form around a speck of dust or other debris. As water freezes, it takes the shape of a crystal lattice, causing... Read more

How to Draw the Sun

How to draw the sun Featured image

The sun is the star at the center of our solar system. This star is 93 thousand miles from the earth, yet it takes only 8 minutes and 19 seconds for... Read more

How to Draw Santa Claus

How to Draw Santa Claus Featured image

Santa Claus is a common sight in December throughout much of the world, adorning Coca Cola products, children's books, front yards, and more. Read more

How to Draw a Fire

How to Draw a Fire Featured Image

Fire, flame, blaze, ember, inferno. The English language contains many words meaning "fire." There are even more so if you include words... Read more

How to Draw a Star

How to Draw a Star Featured image

The five pointed star, has been used as a symbol throughout the world, spanning the millennia of human civilization and crossing cultural boundaries. Read more

How to Draw an Easy Heart

How to Draw a Heart: Featured Image

The heart is a common shape. It graces all manner of objects, from clothing and decor to toys and school supplies. Near the time of Valentine's Day... Read more

How to Draw a Skeleton

How to Draw a Skeleton featured image

It is going to be Halloween soon, so we're going to draw a skeleton. There are quite a few parts in a skeleton, but if you use simple, basic shapes... Read more