How to Draw an "I Love You" Heart

How to Draw an

The heart is a symbol that has been used to represent love for hundreds of years. Its earliest known use is in a manuscript dated to the 1200s, in which a young man can be seen handing a heart to his lady... Read more

How to Draw an Impossible Heart

How to Draw an Impossible Heart Featured Image

What is an impossible object? Impossible objects, such as this impossible heart, are optical illusions. Our brains are programmed to interpret two-dimensional drawings such as this one as... Read more

How to Draw a Human Heart

How to Draw a Real Human Heart: Featured image

Your heart is a hard working muscle. If it takes you one minute to read this paragraph, your heart will have accomplished around 72 beats. Today, it will beat... Read more

How to Draw a Heart

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The heart is a common shape. It graces all manner of objects, from clothing and decor to toys and school supplies. Near the time of Valentine's Day... Read more

How to Draw "Love" in Bubble Letters

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Love is defined as "a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person." In English, the word "love" describes a range of emotions, ranging from a romantic attraction to familial loyalty and friendship. Love is often symbolized by the shape of the heart... Read more

How to Draw Lungs

How to Draw a Lungs Featured Image

The lungs are among the largest organs in the human body. These muscular air sacs are located within the chest. When air is brought into the lungs, the body takes in oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the blood. The heart then pumps the oxygenated blood to the body... Read more