How to Draw a Fist

How to Draw a Fist: Featured Image

The fist is the gesture formed when the fingers and thumb are curled inwards into the palm of the hand. What does this gesture... Read more

How to Draw a Human Heart

How to Draw a Real Human Heart: Featured image

Your heart is a hard working muscle. If it takes you one minute to read this paragraph, your heart will have accomplished around 72 beats. Today, it will beat... Read more

How to Draw a Leprechaun

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Leprechauns are a legendary figure of Irish folklore, and they have been adopted as a symbol of St. Patrick's Day. By definition, they are fairies in the form... Read more

How to Draw a Flaming Skull

How to draw a flaming skull: Featured image

​​​​​The veneration of skulls by humans has a long history. Prehistoric evidence suggests that in some cultures, the skulls of deceased ancestors... Read more

How to Draw a Ghost Rider

How to Draw a Ghost Rider: Featured Image

​​​​Marvel Comics introduced the Ghost Rider persona in the early 1970s. The Rider has undergone a number of incarnations - originally, he was Johnny Blaze... Read more

How to Draw a Scary Clown

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​Clowns are easily recognizable the world over, adorned with painted faces, big red noses, fanciful hair, and colorful costumes. Clowns have... Read more