How to Draw a Chef Hat

How to Draw a Chef Hat: Featured Image

A chef is a trained professional cook, often the director of the kitchen. Chefs are often recognized by their chef’s whites… Read more

How to Draw a Dress

How to Draw a Dress: Featured Image

Dresses are articles or clothing with a long history. Also called gowns or frocks, dresses are defined by a bodice that covers the torso and a skirt… Read more

How to Draw a Gas Mask

How to Draw a Gas Mask: Featured Image

A gas mask is a protective breathing device. It is designed to protect its wearer against harmful substances, such as chemicals or bacteria, that may be present in the air. Read more

How to Draw a Cowboy Hat

How to draw a Cowboy Hat: Featured Image

Cowboys are intimately associated with both the lore and the real history of the American West. Who were the cowboys? Encyclopaedia Britannica defines a cowboy… Read more

How to Draw a Crown

How to Draw a Crown: Featured Image

Since ancient times, crowns of various types have been worn to designate royalty by kings, queens, princes, and princesses. Read more


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