51 Easy Clothes Drawing Tutorials

If you're interested in drawing your own characters, designing their outfits is an important part. But drawing lots of different types of clothing can seem intimidating. Don't worry - these easy clothes drawing tutorials are here to help your characters get dressed!

When you first started drawing people, they were likely stick figures with no visible clothing. But now that you're drawing complex characters, you understand that the clothing you choose conveys a lot of information about the character, such as their job or personality.

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That's why this list contains a wide variety of clothing types to help you expand your drawing skills. You can start with the basics - pants, shoes, shirts, jackets, dresses, and skirts.

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Then, you can add wardrobe elements that tell the viewer more about the character. The items below can identify your character as a chef, a cowboy, a sorceress, an ancient soldier (or a sci-fi soldier), a reveler, an athlete, or even a member of the royal family.

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These clothing options might even inspire you to design brand-new characters. How would you draw yourself, your friends, or your family members? The possibilities are truly endless with these custom clothing options at your fingertips..

51 Easy Clothes Drawing Ideas

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