11 Easy 4th of July Drawing Tutorials

When you see the rocket's red glare and bombs bursting in air, do you know what day it is? You can celebrate Independence Day with these easy 4th of July drawing tutorials.

Below, you will find traditional Independence Day decorations like fireworks and American flags, as well as some less common elements, like cheerleaders and cowboy hats.

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You can also take some time to learn about some of the men who made this independence possible. Sketch a portrait of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Benjamin Franklin.

You can spend time with some fictional characters who have engendered a spirit of patriotism and comforted a country at war. Uncle Sam has appeared as an analog for the United States government since the 1960s. And Captain America fictionally led the charge against the Axis of Evil during World War II.

In addition to your pencil or pen, don't forget to have your markers, crayons, or colored pencils handy. You will want to use red, white, and blue to color your patriotic drawings. You may want yellows and other colors to adorn your festive fireworks.

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11 Easy 4th of July Drawing Ideas

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