11 Easy Boats and Ships Drawing Ideas

You can set sail with a fleet of easy boat and ship drawings. Below, you will find watercraft of every size and description.

If you want to start small, begin with the kayak and canoe. These vessels are designed to hold only one or two people and they are powered by hand using paddles.

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Sailboats are a bit bigger. They can have a small crew and capture the wind to move themselves along.

Some of the boats are meant for hard work. Tug boats, for instance, pull larger ships in and out of the harbor. Fishing boats capture fish and crabs to feed people.

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There are also big steamer ships designed to take people and cargo across the ocean. Can you believe that these heavy metal ships can float?

There are even submarines - boats that spend most of their time under the water!

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A few of the boats on this list are historic, seen today only in museums and recreations. You can let your imagination run wild to the days when Vikings pillaged and pirates raided the seven seas.

Grab your pencil and sheet of paper. You can build an armada of hand-drawn ships and boats. Just remember that your sketchbook isn't waterproof!

11 Boats and Ships Drawing Ideas

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