11 Easy Emoji Drawing Ideas

You can send people emojis from your cell phone - or you can use these easy emoji drawing ideas to permanently record them on paper! Write a note, send a card, or decorate an object - the possibilities are endless.

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If you're a kid, it probably seems like emojis have always been a part of communication. But millennials remember a time when emojis were limited to emoticons - and older generations recall when there were no emojis at all!

The first emojis became available on Japanese cell phones in 1997. By the early 2000s, the colorful smiley faces and other icons had taken the world by storm.

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Emojis grew out of emoticons, which were invented in 1982. Have you ever seen a smiley face made from a colon and a parenthesis? That's an emoticon. 🙂

Below, you will find lots of your favorite emojis - hearts, smiley faces, unicorns, and piles of poop. Some are smiling, winking, laughing, or crying.

Can you combine elements from the different tutorials to create even more emojis?

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The entire purpose of emojis is to help you express yourself - to say things more easily than you could in words. We hope that these drawing guides empower you to do just that.

11 Easy Emoji Drawing Ideas

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