10 Easy Pixel Art Step by Step Drawing Tutorials

Video games haven't always been in high-definition. Longtime gamers remember the days when characters and their environments were blocky just like these easy pixel art drawing tutorials.

A pixel is a tiny square of color. When you put many pixels together, you can form a picture of just about anything. Zoom in on any image on your phone or computer, and you will eventually see it pixelated, or break down into pixels.

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When video games were first released in the 1970s, computer and television screens still had a long way to go. Back then, you didn't have to zoom in to see the pixels.

Today, pixel art is a nostalgic way to remember and celebrate the video games of times past. Pixel art often features classic video game characters like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, or Pacman. You will find them below.

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Pixel art can also include new combinations or ideas. You can combine sketches on the list below to make your own scenes. Learn how to draw pixel art people, pets, and outdoor scenery.

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Don't forget to top off your health or life meter with the pixel art heart. You can even make a lovely card for your favorite gamer featuring a video-game-style heart and flowers.

10 Easy Pixel Art Drawing Ideas

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