12 Easy Realistic Pictures Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials

Making realistic drawings is a goal of many artists. You can flex your artistic muscles with these easy, step-by-step realistic picture drawing tutorials.

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To get started, we recommend the realistic rose drawing. Flowers are a great place to start because the fluid, natural shapes flow easily from the pen.

Human faces are regarded as particularly difficult to get right. This realistic face tutorial will hel

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Check out the realistic eye for a laser-focused look at this key facial feature. You can also sketch a skull to learn what lies beneath the face, giving it structure.

You can also learn how to draw realistic pictures of your favorite animals - goldfish, owls, cats, horses, dogs, and elephants.

As you do so, note the techniques that the various tutorials share - how the legs attach to the body, for example, or how short lines that meet at points can be used to indicate fur.

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Just for kicks, you can draw fantasy animals like dragons as well. The fun thing about mythical creatures is that they are not really "real."

You can use art techniques to make the picture realistic, but there is no wrong way to proportion or outfit the animal.

12 Easy Realistic Pictures Drawing Ideas

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