How to Draw a Stingray

How to Draw a Stingray Featured Image

The stingray is a type of fish found in both the oceans and in fresh water. Stingrays have rounded, flat bodies and long tails. Some have a venomous spine at the base of the tail, and a few river-dwelling... Read more

How to Draw a Bird Nest

How to Draw Bird Nest Featured Image

A nest is a type of home. It is a structure created by an animal to protect its eggs and house its young after hatching. Birds are most famous for their nests, but mice, squirrels, insects, frogs, alligators, turtles, and even fish build nests of different kinds... Read more

How to Draw a Sweater

How to Draw a Sweater Featured Image

During the 1400s, fishermen's wives on the English island of Jersey knitted wool garments for their husbands. Because of wool's natural oils, the garments kept the men warm even in... Read more

How to Draw a Hammerhead Shark

How to draw a hammerhead shark - featured image

The hammerhead shark is perhaps one of the most recognizable fish in the ocean. The strangely shaped head, called a cephalofoil, may give the shark increased maneuverability while hunting and an enhanced sense of... Read more

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