36 Easy Sports Drawing Tutorials

Take me out to the ball game! But if that's not possible, you can bring the game home with these easy, step-by-step sports drawing tutorials.

What is your favorite sport? Maybe it is soccer, the most popular sport in the world. Sketch the iconic multi-faceted soccer ball.

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Perhaps you prefer American football to fútbol. You can draw a football player or his helmet.

Or maybe it's baseball, America's favorite pastime, that fascinates you. Draw a baseball player to make your own baseball cards, or sketch his ball and bat.

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Some of the sports on our list have ancient roots, even if they've become known as "sport" only recently.

For example, indigenous peoples have used kayaks and surfboards for hundreds if not thousands of years. But within the past hundred years, these have been included in leisure and athletic activities.

You will also find pictures related to running, boxing, swimming, tennis, yoga, fishing, golf, hockey, skateboarding, basketball, and more. There's something for everybody!

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You can support your favorite teams by drawing cheerleaders or caps and coloring them to match your team's official colors. You might even find a tutorial for your favorite team's logo.

Now, it's time to grab your pencils and your sketchbook, and play ball!

36 Easy Sports Drawing Ideas

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