16 Hand Drawing Ideas with Step by Step Tutorials

Hands are expressive. Renderings of hands are among the oldest art forms. You can get in on the trend with these hand-drawing ideas with step-by-step tutorials.

Many gestures are nearly universal in meaning. Many people recognize that a fist indicates anger and hands with palms together communicate prayer or supplication, for example.

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In fact, people who can't speak with their voices speak with their hands, using sign language.

Some of the world's oldest artwork includes handprints on the walls of caves. Thousands of years ago, these artists left something of themselves for us to find.

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In the millennia since, statues and paintings have included hands. The positioning of the hands and fingers can convey meaning. But you might think that hands are hard to draw.

After all, it's easy to get the proportions wrong, ending up with unwieldy hands that are too large or too small.

These easy, step-by-step drawing guides are here to help. First, you can learn about the hand by drawing the skeletal structure or a simple open hand.

Then, you can draw hands in action - covering the face, holding another hand, making a promise, and other common gestures.

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You can even explore emoji characters whose hands make up a sizable portion of them. Soon, you will feel comfortable drawing these delicate and expressive appendages.

16 Easy Hand Drawing Ideas

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