14 Easy Horse Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Do you love horses? Lots of people do. If you're in your "horse phase," check out these easy horse drawing tutorials for kids.

Many girls and boys dream of having a pony or horse of their very own. You can bring your dreams to life on paper when you learn to sketch simple cartoon horses or more realistic ones.

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If you are a beginner artist, check out the simplified horse drawings first. This lovely animal's majestic curves can be achieved using simple overlapping lines. You will add the highlighted lines to your drawing in each step. Before long, you will have a horse of your very own!

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Once you've built your skills, you can move on to more realistic horse drawings. We recommend using a pencil for these and having a good eraser handy. It may take several tries to get the lines just right.

When finished, you can color your horse drawing, customizing your dream horse. Do you want to ride a painted pony? A thoroughbred with blazes and stockings? Or perhaps a speckled Appaloosa? With your brown, tan, and black colored pencils in your hands, you can have any breed of horse you may want.

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You will even find a few mythical horses, such as unicorns and pegasus. Let your imagination run as wild as a herd of horses!

14 Easy Horse Drawing Ideas

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