10 Easy Unicorn Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Do you love unicorns? If so, you've come to the right place. Check out these easy unicorn drawing tutorials for kids.

Unicorns are horses with single spiral-shaped horns in the middle of their foreheads. Some unicorns also bear the wings of a pegasus; these are called alicorns. Some of the most famous unicorns are those from the My Little Pony franchise.

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Most unicorns are horses, anyway. Some early mythical unicorns resembled goats. And today, people are sticking unicorn horns on everybody - unicorn cats (caticorns) and even unicorn girls!

After all, the term "unicorn" has come to mean something that is rare and unique. Are you a unicorn in your own right? Express yourself with these cute drawings!

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Some, like the unicorn portrait, are super simple. It is perfect for beginning artists. You can build your skills with the easy unicorn or the unicorn emoji before moving on to some of the other characters.

Don't forget to have your crayons, markers, or colored pencils ready. Unicorns often come in a rainbow of colors, and you will definitely want to color your finished unicorn drawings.

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You know what they say: Why be normal when you can be a unicorn?

10 Easy Unicorn Drawing Tutorials for Kids

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