13 Cute Chibi Drawing Tutorials

You need more chibi characters in your life. They are so cute and seeing them will cheer you up whenever you are feeling down. Get started with these cute chibi drawing tutorials.

The chibi art style is popular in Japanese manga and anime. Chibi characters have different proportions than regular characters.

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They are short (about one-third of their normal height) and chubby with stubby arms and legs, while their heads and eyes are oversized. Often, the head is bigger than the body itself! Some details such as noses typically fall away during a chibi transformation.

Often, regular characters become chibi when they experience an intense emotional reaction. They may be angry, embarrassed, or in love. The chibi effect is used for comic relief.

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Did you know? The chibi art style is also called super deformation or S.D., referring to the stylistic distortion of the characters. It first appeared during the 1950s and became mainstream during the 1970s and 1980s.

Below, you can draw a number of your favorite characters - Spider-Man, Supergirl, and Pikachu, to name a few - in chibi style. You will also learn how to draw generic boys, girls, and animals in this style.

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With chibi cats, dogs, unicorns, and more, you can draw your own adorable pet!

13 Easy Chibi Drawing Ideas

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