14 Easy Bears Drawing Tutorials

The bear went over the mountain to see what he could see. And the artist went online to find these easy bear drawing tutorials!

There are eight different types of bears that live around the world - North American and Asian black bears, brown bears, polar bears, Andean bears, pandas, sloth bears, and sun bears.

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All of these animals have the same basic body plan. They usually walk on four legs but can stand up on two. They have large heads with long snouts and sharp teeth.

Most bears have solid-colored fur, but a few species have distinctive markings. Their fur is shaggy, indicated here by curved lines that meet at jagged points.

You'll find several specific bear species in the tutorials below, including polar bears, pandas, and grizzly bears. You could also make many of these sketches of any type of bear you want by coloring them or adding markings.

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Bears are also a part of our popular culture. Which bear characters are your favorite? Snuggle up to a cute and cuddly teddy bear or a muppet like Fozzie Bear.
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Occasionally, fictional bears go bad - Freddy Fazbear is proof of this. Can you finish the drawing before he attacks?

14 Easy Bears Drawing Ideas

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