22 Easy House Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials

Do you dream of having your own house someday? Maybe you want a tropical treehouse, a cozy cottage, or an expansive mansion. These easy house drawing tutorials can help you visualize those plans.

Did you know? Architecture and engineering are sciences related to the building of houses. These professionals have to be good artists to draw diagrams of the structures they plan to build.

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If you want to be an architect or an engineer when you grow up, bookmark this page because it is a great place to start!

Below, you'll find all the pieces you need to draw any type of house you can dream up. This list includes tutorials for drawing the exterior of houses, individual rooms, elements such as windows and doors, and even furniture.

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You can get a head start by expanding your drawing skills today. Keep a portfolio of the houses you've drawn and designed. This experience can go a long way when you create your first architect resume!

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You can use a pen or marker to draw each of the following, but we recommend using a pencil with a good eraser. Often, it helps to make guide lines that you erase later in the drawing process. You will learn more about this as you follow the step-by-step instructions below.

22 Easy House Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials

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