29 Easy Fish Drawing Tutorials

Baby shark do-do-do... whether you love it or hate it, sharks, clownfish, and other ocean dwellers are an indelible part of our popular culture. You can draw them all - and more - with these easy fish drawing tutorials.

Jaws, Baby Shark, Shark Week, Bruce from Finding Nemo - sharks are the animals we love to hate. There are plenty of these toothy fish, including great white sharks, megalogons, tiger sharks, stingrays, and hammerheads.

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You can use these illustrations to create an entire ocean scene. Go deep sea fishing for swordfish or anglerfish. Or visit a tropical coral reef filled with clownfish, butterflyfish, surgeonfish, angelfish, jellyfish, sponges, seaweed, and seahorses.

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Freshwater rivers and lakes also have diverse ecosystems. You can discover catfish, bass, trout, or salmon.

If you don't want to set your sights as high as every fish in the sea, you can start with a fishbowl or aquarium instead. Bettas and goldfish are great choices for these environments. Or draw an ornamental pond filled with koi.

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You can also meet some of your favorite aquatic cartoon characters, including Nemo and Dory.

29 Easy Fish Drawing Ideas

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