49 Easy Human Body Drawing Tutorials

Learning how to draw the human body is a vital step for every artist. But it is also very intimidating for many. It doesn't have to be, though!

You don't need a model to help you learn how to draw people. All you need are these easy human body drawing guides!

Our human body drawing tutorials will break down each step so that you can easily follow along. You can start by drawing just one part of the body or feature of the face - for example, the eyes, feet, nose, or hands.

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You will also learn how to break the body down into specific structures - first the skeleton and bones, then the muscles. You can even diagram your own organs for a biology class or science project!

The next step will be learning how to draw the body in motion. Once you've mastered the outline of the body, you can draw a person running. By positioning the body and limbs in different ways, you can make your character walk, run, or even fly!

Some people consider the face the hardest aspect to master when drawing people. You will find tutorials on how to draw different facial expressions, including a thinking face and a crying face.

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Would you like to advance your portrait drawing skills even further? You can compare drawing a woman's face in a portrait, or forward-facing, style, and profile, or a side-facing perspective.

No matter how skilled or unskilled of an artist you are now, you can learn to draw realistic or cartoon-like people. These fun, easy human drawing tutorials are here to show you how.

Sharpen your pencil, grab some paper and an eraser, because it is time to start drawing!

49 Easy Human Body Drawing Ideas

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