21 Easy Monster Drawing Tutorials

Fictional monsters have fascinated humans for centuries. You wouldn't want to meet a monster in real life, but they're fun to imagine.

Thinking about monsters gives you an adrenaline rush, like the one that you get when you watch a scary movie.

Some monsters, such as Godzilla and Pennywise, are specific characters with names and backstories.

Others, such as zombies and demons, are generic creatures that appear in thousands of books, movies, cartoons and video games. Maybe you'll publish a book or make a TV show about one of these creatures one day.

What makes a monster a monster? Each one is different, but they're usually threatening and destructive. Sometimes, they have scary features, such as claws, fangs and super strength.

Some monsters terrorize individual people to get revenge or simply amuse themselves. Others attack entire cities and cause unfathomable destruction. They're like forces of nature.

Sometimes, people accidentally create monsters in laboratories. Their creation escapes and terrorizes innocent people while their inventor tries to hunt them down and stop the violence.

Writers use this concept to explore the scarier possibilities of human innovation.

Fortunately, drawing a monster is much safer than creating one in a lab. A cartoon monster can be scary, but they can also be friendly and funny. Would you like to have a friendly monster for a pet?

21 Easy Monster Drawing Ideas

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