56 Men Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials

The art world has long been dominated by men. And men are often the subject of their art. They can be your object, too, with the help of these step-by-step men drawing tutorials.

You can start by drawing men at different stages of life. There are young men, middle-aged men, and old men.

They are dressed for different ordinary jobs - men in business suits, postal uniforms, overalls, lab coats, and sports attire. Others wear fantastic historical costumes - they are Vikings, pirates, kings, soldiers, centurions, cowboys, and ninjas.

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Some of the drawings are portraits, while others are full-body sketches. The details of the faces indicate different emotions - happiness, tiredness, and surprise. In one realistic sketch, you can learn all about the spacing of features to make lifelike drawings.

You will also find all your favorite superheroes on our list - Iron Man and dads dressed like Superman!

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Superheroes aren't the only famous characters on our list. Meet Homer Simpson, Bruno, Peter Griffin, or Master Chief.

There are real-life famous men as well - William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Buddha, for example.

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Grab your pencils and paper. It's a man's world, and you're here to draw it.

56 Men Drawing Ideas

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