61 Easy Fantasy Drawing Tutorials

When you make up your own fantasy stories, you can do anything.

Winged unicorns, giant squid monsters, Greek gods, women with snakes instead of hair--it's all possible in a fantasy novel or comic book.

Humans have made up stories about fantasy characters for centuries. Some of these stories are classic myths while others are fictional tales that people make up for entertainment.

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Fantasy characters come from myths, religious texts, poems, artwork, books and modern stories like the tales of Santa Claus and his reindeer. Every story adds a unique twist on these characters.

For example, Chinese, Japanese and Western dragons have a few similarities, but they look different and play distinct roles in ancient myths.

Add your own touch to these mythological figures when you draw and color the outlines.

You can include anything in your fantasy world.

What if a dragon pulled Santa Claus's sleigh instead of reindeer? Or what if a wizard met a space alien?

In a world where magic exists, nothing is off-limits.

Writers like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien used their imagination to create incredible fantasy worlds.

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You can do the same by drawing these characters, then coming up with your own stories. Write a short story, draw a comic book or simply imagine it in your head.

61 Fantasy Drawing Tutorials for Kids

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