51 Step by Step Women Drawing Tutorials

If you are looking to improve your people-drawing skills, this list of step-by-step women drawing tutorials is a great place to start.

Drawing women accurately differs from drawing men. Women typically have narrower faces with sharper features. The hair may be longer or more complex, and ample attention should be given to the shape of the eyes and lips.

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These drawings are done from different angles, including portrait, profile, and 3/4 view to help you learn how to draw women's features from any viewpoint. They also represent people of different ages, ranging from small children to the elderly. Some of them demonstrate the facial features associated with different emotions.

These tutorials also include guides for outfitting your characters for different professions. Learn about the unique attire that can identify a woman as a dentist, doctor, nurse, or teacher.

Sometimes it is good to start with something familiar. Choose one of your favorite female cartoon characters, like Luisa from Disney's Encanto, Anna from Frozen, or Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman from DC Comics. These cartoon characters have different backgrounds, hairstyles, clothing, and body types. This variety will help you expand your people-drawing skills.

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You will find lots of mythical female characters, too. For example, you can dream of a genie, a fairy, a goddess, or a magical mermaid.

51 Women Drawing Ideas

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