56 Cute Girls Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Girls, girls, girls! No boys allowed! It's nothing but girl power for these cute girls drawing tutorials for kids.

Many of these drawings are of young girls - children, teenagers, and young adults. But there are full-grown women on the list as well, such as the mother/daughter portraits.

Some of the pictures even include little brothers and boy best friends.

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You will find plenty of your favorite female characters on this list as well. Look out for Disney favorites like Mirabel, Isabela, and Dolores from Encanto, Merida from Brave, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, and Rapunzel from Tangled.

Then explore other cartoon characters, like Lisa Simpson, Sailor Moon, Poppy from Trolls, and the Powerpuff Girls.

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You know that girls can do anything they set their minds to. Illustrate your dreams by drawing girls who cheerlead, learn wilderness skills, excel in school, and practice sports.

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Are you worried that people are too hard to draw? Don't be. These tutorials make it easy. You can even learn how to draw in different styles - draw faces in portrait, profile, and 3/4 perspectives. Explore the signature style of different cartoons, including the world-renowned anime and manga styles.

56 Cute Girls Drawing Tutorials for Kids

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