Draw 51 Famous Video Game Characters: Easy Step by Step Tutorials

You camp out all day (and sometimes all night) in your favorite gamer's chair. You watch YouTube walkthroughs and streaming platforms.

You wait in line for hours outside of the electronics store in order to get your hands on the newest game or console. You eat, sleep, and breathe character stats and mods. You do it all for the love of the game - video games.

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Unlike some video-game-based television dramas (we're looking at you, Sword Art Online), you can't spend all your time living within the game.

When it's time to head out the door for work or school, you can take your favorite characters with you. Use the illustrations listed below to decorate your school supplies, backpack, laptop, t-shirts, and more.

Drawing video game characters can also give your hands a much-needed break from the keyboard, joystick, or controller.

Additionally, sketching can even help improve your fine motor skills, including hand-eye coordination. And that will come in very handy the next time you must face a boss or opponent with split-second timing.

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What will you need? Only a drawing implement (such as a pen, pencil, or marker) and something to draw on. It may take some practice, but soon you'll find yourself sketching away as you follow along with each step.

51 Easy Video Game Character Tutorials

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