61 Easy Face Drawing Tutorials

Drawing people is a challenge for many beginning artists. The face can be especially tricky. Don't worry, though - you can get plenty of tips and practice as you draw the easy, step-by-step faces below.

Getting the right proportions can mean the difference between a realistic face and a surreal Picasso-style painting (which, incidentally, you can also sketch below).

As you work through these tutorials, pay attention to the size and placement of the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

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Faces are not static - facial expressions change with a person's emotions. Below, you will learn to draw features that express surprise, laughter, fear, sadness, frustration, concentration, disgust, and embarrassment.

Facial features also change as we age. You can learn the basics of indicating childhood, adulthood, or old age in a portrait.

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Of course, humans are not the only creatures with expressive faces. You can practice drawing animal, mythical creature, robot, and emoji faces as well.

You will also find some friendly faces from familiar cartoons.

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Most of the faces are drawn in portrait style as if the person were facing you. A few are in profile, as seen from the side. You will even find some in 3/4 perspective, a viewpoint between profile and portrait.

61 Easy Face Drawing Ideas

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